Scholarships & Grants For the well-being of divorced and widowed Muslim women in the United States.


Ikram is the foundation for empowerment of Muslim women. We recognize the unique struggles of Muslim women in the United States. 100% of online donations are zakat eligible, tax deductible, and directly fund clients’ education.



​Salwa Medani

Board Member

Salwa Medani has been a member of the IKRAM Board for almost 5 years. Salwa received her Master’s degree in Linguistics from George Mason University, at a time when her daughters were young and she was going through the challenges of single parenthood. The empowerment of women is near and dear to her heart -especially divorced and widowed Muslim women- because she knows first-hand the types of struggles they encounter on a daily basis. Salwa is grateful to be part of this great organization that strives to help struggling, hard-working, and dedicated women to become self-sufficient for themselves and their families.