Scholarships & Grants For the well-being of divorced and widowed Muslim women in the United States.


Ikram is the foundation for empowerment of Muslim women. We recognize the unique struggles of Muslim women in the United States. 100% of online donations are zakat eligible, tax deductible, and directly fund clients’ education.



Dr. Ilham Altalib


Dr. Ilham Altalib is a Founding Member and the Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of Ikram. Dr. Ilham Altalib is a pioneer, reformer and humanitarian, who devoted her resources and energy and dedicated her time and life for the sake of Allah, the Quran, her family and the global Muslim community. Born in Mosul, Iraq in a humble home in 1942, she was taught “we are all children of Adam and the most loved by God is the one who does good unto others”. It was from here that Dr. Altalib understood that her mission in life was to dedicate herself to helping, educating and caring for the ill and disadvantaged, and decided to pursue her medical degree at Baghdad University. Her family migrated to the United States in 1968, settling in Cincinnati, Ohio. Dr. Altalib pursued a second medical specialization in pathology and began her journey as an activist in the Muslim community in the West. Her journey with the MSA, and Muslim organizations took her around the world, working hand in hand as partners, and as a team with her fellow sisters they achieved the unthinkable, organizing and establishing educational and religious retreats for Muslim women and girls worldwide. In her official capacity as the Chairperson of MSA’s Women’s Committee; Women’s Representative of IIFSO; Director and Member of the Board of Trustees for the International Muslim Women Society; and Member of the Board of Trustees for ADAMS, Dr. Altalib participated in numerous interfaith panel discussions and was a regular contributor on TV programs on medical issues, such as Abortion, Organ Transplants, and cloning. Dr. Altalib currently remains engaged in what she loves and cherishes the most, learning and teaching the Holy Quran, by actively contributing to two weekly tafseer and Quran study groups.